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SINGLE – SERCH: Pure Child

by François Zappa

This sunny Sunday we want to present to you the new single of SERCH, a new wave/alternative band from Catalonia formed by Sergio Salesa, ex-singer of the alternative band Some Electric Noise (S.E.N.), together with producer Miquel Cellalbo and Jorge Arroba. They have released three records, New in 2015, Bastard two years later (that had a remix album) and Concept, released in January of 2020. Pure Child is the third single from that album after Lonely Man that was released with a remix from our friends from Mandivula.

“Pure Child” is an old song written between Sergio Salesa and Albert Osdorgoitea, who worked together in Some Electric Noise, that talks about returning to our childhood, of remembering the child we once were. “Pure Child” is a powerful track, sang with great passion and with a very modern production. The single comes with three remixes, made by Mist3rfly, Cyborgdrive and Westbest, (a moniker of Miquel Cellalbo), and also includes an acoustic version of the songs. Also, let’s remember that SERCH were going to play in Madrid in March, but due to the coronavirus, they had to postpone the concert. Let’s hope that we can see them live soon.

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