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SINGLE: Factheory- 3Sand1D

by François Zappa

Belgian post-punk band Factheory released a new EP at the end of last year with four new tracks, entitled 3Sand1D. The quite original name stands for the first four letters of every song. The EP is available on CD and digital format and you can buy it and listen to it on the band’s Bandcamp.

The EP starts with “Subutex”, a catchy track that defines perfectly the “poetic post punk” style of the band. Instead, “Shelter” is a powerful and abrasive track about refugees where we can find the hardest side of Factheory. “Désormais”, sang in French, and with a more electronic sound, is another of the great moments of the EP and will definitely surprise with its final Jamaican vibes. The EP comes to an end with “Souvent”, another passionate song. In general, a highly recommended work.

I really believe that 2022 is going to be a good year for the band, as they have just played with Clan of Xymox and Lizard Smile and they are going to open for The Mission in August. Before, they have a couple of gigs in May with popular tribute band Misstress of Jersey and also with Wülf7

Factheory is a post-punk five-piece who published their debut EP Week-End au Black Studio in 2017, with songs sang both in English and French. One of these tracks, Never Alone was remixed in 2020, together with the new song “La Nuit”. Their discography includes another EP with four songs, titled Stockholm, in which the track that names the album stands up, and a single, Tranquille that we reviewed back in the day. Let’s finish saying that we can find in Factheory four members of  Unsaid, who also had some space in our web some time ago.

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