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RECORD – Amazing Games: Best of

by François Zappa


At El Garaje we have a very special relation with Belgium: is the place of two of our favorite events: W-Fest and the Liege New Wave Festival and a large amount of the music that we listen and love comes from there. That’s why we always pay special attention to the bands from that country, especially if they are from the eighties, our favorite decade in music and a golden era for the Belgian fourth Art. And the last band that has helped making our days better, it’s Amazing Games, a Belgian short-life new wave act, that was the seed for Unsaid (we will write about them on next week).

Just one month ago, this compilation with seven songs recorded between 1985 and 1989 has been released. Geneviève Serwy (voice) and Dominique Nuydt (bass) bring us the innocence and freshness that were usual in the decade in which Reagan tortured us not only with his movies. The songs have been recorded during two sessions, the first one in the studio Claude Charles in 1986 and the second one between 1988 and 1989. For this occasion, they used a drum machine that was in the studio and belonged to the classic Belgian band The Neon Judgement. In this session, Mika Nagazaki was part of the band (member of Naufragés du Silence, band that has just released his first album, titled Orphée, after being together for 36 years).

But let’s talk now about the songs: the energetic post-punk of “Desert Junction” is the perfect start for this Best Of. In the rest of these six tracks, we find the sharp guitars of “My Broken Soul”, the fragility of “Heady Flights”, the happiness of “Sleepy Eyes”, the classic post-punk of “So many problems”, the young beauty of “Johnny Was”, and the invitation to party called “Viens Danser” (a cover of the Belgian underground band Expo 58, later known as Expo 87)

A couple of these songs appear on the compilations Expo 87 and Insane Music For Insane People Vol. 24 and there were not released together until this compilation, first piece of a story that we will be unveiling together on the next weeks. You can liste and buy the compilation here.

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