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Reconvalescent – Progress of Nothing

by Rémi

With their avant-garde industrial metal universe, the Serbian band Reconvalescent amazes in many ways. They offer us dreamlike journey made of strange and unexpected sounds through The Progress of Nothing, 3rd EP of the band. Released on January 29, 2021, it is available in digital format.

The Progress of Nothing is like a creature that haunts the depths of the human unconscious. The contours of its forms are indistinct and moving. When we think we are approaching and that the latter seem to become clearer, the creature changes its nature, manages to play with our senses and drag us further in its wake.

Experimentation is the keystone of Reconvalescent’s musical universe. The EP opens with a relatively short track whose sound material seems to go in circles. From this distant atmosphere emerges a chilling melody that we can also find at the end of “Consume me,“ the second track. The latter is built progressively on a series of guitar chords. The voice is disembodied and becomes guttural with the shattering entrance of the drums. Shattering is the right word to use when talking about “Reconstructivist“ which is closer to a more “classical“ metal aesthetic. The impact of the drums is omnipresent, the riffs are powerful and everything seems to be ready to unfold in the manner of a song with a normal structure. However, the changes of tempo, the abrupt time of silence towards the half of the title and its end reminiscent of a machine that stops working create dynamism and surprising effects. “I Will Show You Every Part of Me, Even the Darkest Ones“ is the longest track with its 8 minutes. It offers a moment of relative tranquility, a moment that invites to meditation. Between chopped and violent riffs, refined sounds and then a magmatic violence, “Ghost of Story“  draws a picture overflowing with imagination. Finally,“ The Progress of Nothing“  closes the EP. It is a kind of mirror image of the first track, by its duration which is almost identical to “Cult of Solaria“ and by its relatively close sounds. Very streamlined, it seems to be hanging as if it was frozen in space.

Reconvalescent shows an original know-how, but the result is rich in images and soundscapes. We can recommend only you to dive into the universe of The Progress of Nothing while waiting for new creations from the band.

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