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Carrion – Evangelium Haeresis

by Rémi

With Evangelium Haeresis, their third album, the Norwegian industrial metal band Carrion returns to the spotlight. It is with pleasure that we find again the flayed aesthetics which was already present in Testament ov the Exiled, their second album. Released on November 26, 2021, Evangelium Haeresis is available in digital and CD formats.

Always darker and more intriguing, the immersion in the universe of Carrion’s third album offers once again a journey where heavy riffs of buzzing electric guitars, wriggling and cavernous sound monsters abound. Considered by the band as their darkest achievement, for it is born from an introspection inside the tortuous meanders of the human psyche, Evangellium Haeresis has nevertheless some more harmonious and luminous tracks. Although pulsing with a light altered by guitar dissonances, “Wolves ov Hades” and “Follow The Sirens” complexify the spectrum of moods much more than in Testament ov the Exiled, which gives a very special flavor to this album. A palette of numerous ambiences with heavier and more martial titles such as “Shatter the Seals” and “Malleus,” others are more anchored in a metal style as “Revenant” or have a more undulating character as “Ruina.” We also find three tracks that do not exceed 1:30 and that structure the album because of their location within the track list (beginning, middle and end), but that also contribute to complexifying the ambiences ofEvangelium Haeresis with their monastic character of plainchant perverted by the darkness that smolders in the human unconscious.

Between its instrumentation which flirts between brutality and quietude and a voice torn to the extreme, Evangelium Haeresis is a subtle album, which is ideal to discover the musical universe of Carrion.

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