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El Garaje de Frank presents: Nonen

by Violeta

Nonen is a DJ and producer born in Almería and based in Madrid. Since his teens, he showed interest in music, and played the bass in rock, metal and electronic bands. A little later, in 2007, Silennce, an experimental IDM music project, was born. In 2009, he joined LaboratorioTrick, a group of musicians and producers who specialize on electronic music following a darker line.

Already in Madrid in 2010, he continues this line, developing himself as a DJ and participating in several projects with other producers such as Die Bloody Bit. He makes techno sets, with a clear influence of industrial, noise, metal, EBM, post-punk… In 2013, he formed Herzblut, a musical collective in which industrial style is mixed with techno, EBM, post-punk, metal and rock genres. This collective occasionally organizes events, monthly podcasts of artists… Nowadays, Nonen is still active as a DJ, and is resident since 2019 of Delirium BDSM under the a.k.a VonMayhem (a.k.a. only used for these kinds of events, the style of music does not change) and since 2020, of Disaster Madriz.

As a producer, Nonen will release new productions very soon.

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1. Perc – Exit
2. Orphx – Solipsist
3. Esplendor Geométrico – Regeneración
4. E-Saggila – Anima Bulldozer
5. Arnaud Rebotini – What You Want Me To Do
6. Violetshaped – Black Wisdom, White Witch
7. Randolph & Mortimer – The Light (Ancient Methods Remix)
8. Ancient Methods – Swordplay (Hypnoskull Vocal Remix)
9. Fear Factory – Replica
10. Radical G – The Deserted Kingdom (Parallx Cold Eyes Mix)
11. Headless Horseman – Locust
12. Alec Empire – The Ride
13. Harsh Mentor – Apostasia
14. Trepaneringsritualen – Feral Me (Codex Empire Remix)
15. Ktulu – Solo
16. Dive – Black Star
17. Hypnoskull – Damals
18. Hula – Poison

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