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EPs – Vientonegro, The Funeral March, DHI, Cliff and Ivy

by François Zappa

Second part of our series of reviews of EPs that were released last year. In this occasion, we have four very different bands that had never been before at El Garaje.

VIENTONEGRO is a duo from Buenos Aires formed by Aníbal Errandonea (voice and keyboards) and Miriam Coronel (bass) that makes “anarchist post-punk” as they define themselves. Their first EP, entitled DARK, includes four combative tracks. We would like to highlight the synths of the initial “Nosotres” and the mystery of “Ritual.”

The Funeral March of the Marionettes is a post-punk/Goth rock band coming from Illinois that was firstly formed in 1987 although they did not release any album until the last decade. In this EP, we can find two original tracks: “Flood” is Goth rock rich in atmospheres and “Fall Down” could make us think on 80s post-punk acts like Chameleons o Bauhaus. There are also three remixes: Hide Tepes from Carrion takes the first song and gives it a more experimental approach meanwhile the second version is quite danceable. “Fall Down,” remixed by DJ NOF8 is even darker.

DHI (Death and horror Inc) is a Canadian band formed in 1987 that published their first cassette of industrial electronic, entitled Need and Ability in 1988. The band continued until 1997 and released during that time two LP and two EPs. Now, the project led by Vicar, has returned with this The Idiot Parade, which includes six tracks. The EP starts with the new song, “The Idiot Parade,” that appears here in two versions, one more industrial metal (Virulent) and another simply industrial (Sardonic). We can also find a new version of “Losing,” their previous single, that also appears in the MixV2 version. The new mix has fewer guitars and, instead, the percussion takes the lead. To finish, there is a new remix of DHI’s return single, “Chosen Ruler,” this time transformed in a powerful industrial techno banger. As you can suppose, these seven minutes and a half, have been my favorite part of the album.

And last but not least, the death rock/dark punk, Cliff and Ivy are delivering four catching new tracks. Coming from Alaska, this couple has been self-releasing albums since 2012 with a sound that could be described as a puissant Siouxsie with influences of The Damned. The EP includes four tracks that will give your more energy than a tablet of vitamins. Our favorites: “Dominion” and “Parasite.” This EP has been released on CD and vinyl.

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Chi Tracy 21 January 2022 - 6 h 15 min

Really loved the Funeral March stuff, actually all the bands were great. Thanks for turning us on to some awsome music.

Violeta 24 January 2022 - 17 h 56 min

Thank you 🙂


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