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Des Âmes Libres – Nowhere

by François Zappa

The Franco-Spanish band Des Âmes Libres has returned after a two-year hiatus. Their new EP is called Nowhere and you can listen and buy it here, although they are going to release physical copies of it, so take it into consideration if you are into vinyl or CD. In the fourth work of the dark post-punk band, we found six songs, sang in English and French. A video has been released with the first single of the album, “Enemy.” You can find it at the end of the review.

The band explains that this album is a bit more electronic, although that influence has always been part of the sound of the band, and the songs are a bit more straight forward than their previous material, and we totally agree on this. The album starts with the powerful “Enemy,” a dark and catchy song that reminds us of our beloved Little Nemo. Even more potent is “Game of the Opposite” a track perfect for all these dark clubs we love to frequent. Slower but with the same intensity, “In the Shade,” gives us a feeling of upcoming danger, helped by some synths at the beginning reminiscent of the shower scene in Psycho. The electronic touch can be heard in “Ombres Perdues,” where we really like the passionate way of singing amplified by the beautiful sound of the French language. We finish with “Rien au-delà,” another powerful track, where the chorus express, in a prophetical way, one of our main desires in these days: “I would like to get some air.” Although we like them more when they sing in French, this is a really good EP and we hope that Des Âmes Libres will surprise us soon with another full LP.

Des Âmes Libres released their first homonym album in 2013, and two years later, Thick. Then, in 2017, the band published Out of Noise. One year before, in 2016, a remix album was released, where Cuartilla y Muto and Santi Plagio, among others, gave their version of the songs of the band. You can listen to all these records in the old Bandcamp of Des Âmes Libres.

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