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CONCERT – The Telescopes in Madrid

by François Zappa

This Friday, the English band The Telescopes will play in Madrid, celebrating the 30th anniversary of their first album Taste, released in 1989. They will be playing songs of their new EP, Strange Waves, that will be released just the day before. Together with the shoegaze band, we will have Linda Guilala, also with the premiere of their new single. Completing the line-up, the Italian band Sneers, with three interesting albums already published, will play for the first time in Spain. The concert will the presentation of the festival Madrid es Ruido 2019, but we will tell you deeply about the festival in a near future. Tickets can be purchased here.

The Telescopes were formed in Burton upon Trent in 1987 and one year later they released a split with Loop, another of the bands usually cited when talking about shoegaze. In 1987, they published Taste and have released nine records more, including this year’s Exploding Head Syndome. Their concerts are an explosion of noise and melody (more noise, to be honest) and we could experience a few years ago in Milan, in a concert difficult to forget.

Linda Guilala is a familiar name to everybody who has been in any of the last two Madrid es Ruido. This group, created with ex-members of JUNIPER MOON, will be playing this month in France, Holland and Germany and they will also release new singles via Sonic Cathedral.

Sneers were formed in Berlin but their members returned to their native Italy. They released their first album, For Our Soul-Uplifting Lights To Shine As in 2013. Since then, they have released two more albums, the last one featuring a collaboration of Kristof Hahn from Swans!

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