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Track – Spiryt: Effigie

by François Zappa

We haven’t written in a lot of time about the indefatigable French musician Spiryt. Now that he has released a new track, we are going to keep you updated with his latest works. “Effigie” features Kimberly Kornmeier from Bow Ever Down on vocals and was released digitally on the 17th of January of this 2022.

Our last post about Spiryt followed the release of his track “E. chant,” in November of 2020. Since then, in addition to the singles he has been periodically releasing, he has recorded a new album, entitled Deadly Thoughts, that included 11 cinematographic and mysterious tracks, the kind of material that the French musician masters. Released in July 2021, it can be enjoyed by classic dark music fans but also by the people who like the music of bands such as Perturbator or Carpenter Brut. Spiryt had also collaborated with Music Against Paranoia: A Charity Compilation (Stop Corona Virus), an album whose name already tells you everything you need to know about the project. Going back to the material released before our last post, let’s highlight his LP Sous Emprise and the EP Sous Emprise vol. 2. Spiryt‘s discography also includes his first eponymous album that it’s also released in a nice CD edition. 

His last track, “Effigie” is a song we already knew as it appeared on that first album I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Now it’s living a new life thanks to the singing of Kimberly. It’s not the first track of Spiryt that uses voices, but it’s the first fully sang. Kimberly’s work gives the composition a different perspective, creating a song somewhere between trip hop and darkwave. Is this the beginning of a new beginning for the music of Spiryt? Only time can tell, but don’t doubt that we will keep you updated.

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