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SINthetik Messiah and The Other LA – In My Dreams

by Rémi

Bug Gigabyte (SINthetic Messiah) is a resourceful electronic music composer. As such, it’s safe to say that his collaboration with The Other LA is explosive. Released on December 25, 2020, the single In My Dreams is available in digital format.

In My Dreams was first produced by Cj Pierce (Drowning Pool) for The Other LA for their eponymous album released in 2016. Subsequently, The Other LA wanted to reshape this song in order to give it a more electric rendering, and came to Bug Gigabyte. The result is startling. The original song that honors female vocals, somewhere between hard rock and metal, is literally transformed and tortured. This is a brand new 7-minute composition compared to the 4 minutes of the original version in which you can recognize fragments of it. The sound is devilishly nervous and saturated. There are more guitars, drums and synths. It is the very essence of the title that is turned upside down in its very frame. Power and boosted electronics got the better of the old version, which saw its genes burst and reconstitute into a new entity amidst truly delicious chaos of sound.

The original version of In My Dreams performed by The Other LA is available on YouTube. So you can listen to it alongside their collaboration with Bug Gigabyte, it’s a very interesting exercise. There are many facets of the human soul, and you will discover that music or a tune can also have many auras.

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