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Lazer Station – Time Blazer

by Rémi

How about a shot of cyberpunk? With Time Blazer, the band Lazer Station signs a characteristic opus of the genre under the aegis of the American label Brutal Resonance Records. After numerous singles and EPs released between 2017 and 2021 as well as several albums (Device 9, Weaponizer, Infiltrator), Time Blazer has been available since March 2021 in digital and cassette format. In the meantime, the band released a 5th album, Skies of Rust in March 2022.

Between ultra-artificial environments, urban landscapes saturated with metal, glass and a profusion of neon lights that take over the retina, the aesthetics of Lazer Station leads the listener into its dark and decadent cyberpunk universe. Images that we can visualize without difficulty thanks to the swarming instrumentation of vaporous synthesizers, organic basses which establish an almost permanent tension and incisive rhythmic. This aesthetics is reinforced by the sublime arts of the covers made by Brian Knapp.

However, despite its many qualities that place Lazer Station as a characteristic representative of the cyberpunk genre, Time Blazer, lacks a bit of variety. Indeed, in the 11 tracks of this album, we hear too often the same thing. Between redundant bass patterns, drum parts too similar to each other, resemblant harmonies from one track to another, Time Blazer struggles to have a varied musical discourse. A fact that also affects the sounds, although this last point is mostly subject to what characterizes the cyberpunk genre in music. At the end of the listening of Time Blazer, the impression to have listened to only one and unique title in loop is thus well there, even if titles like “Chasing Them Down” with its rhythmic breaks or “Count Back,” a title more posed and melodic than the others renew a little the musical discourse. However, it is good to temper these remarks by reminding us that music can also be an art of repetition. Also, everyone is free to form their own opinion in a very simple way: turn the volume knob of their sound system all the way up. Let’s recognize it: the sound of Lazer Station blows your mind.

Time Blazer is an album which can delight the music lovers of any kind whether they are avid of novelties or used to the electronic music scene. If on top of that, you are a fan of the cyberpunk genre, or if you simply want to discover it, then Lazer Station is made for you.

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