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Kontravoid and aux animaux en Madrid in Barcelona

by François Zappa

This Thursday in Madrid and Friday in Barcelona we have an event that you should not miss: Kontravoid‘s tour with aux animaux as special guest. Although we are looking forward to seeing Kontravoid live, this tour is especially important for the people behind El Garaje because we will be able to see aux animaux in concert for the first time, an artist we have been following for a few years and who is coming to Spain for the first time. The tour is organized by Sturm Promotions.

We interviewed Ghosty a few years ago when she was going to play at W-Fest. Since then we have reviewed each of her works while discovering her evolution and how she has become a very original and personal artist. She has baptized her music as Hauntwave and created albums as interesting as the latest Body Horror, released this year, The Hydesville Episode or Hauntology. Armed with her synths, her inseparable theremin and a surprising staging, we are sure to have a great time with her.

From Los Angeles comes Cameron Findlay, better known as Kontravoid, who will be in charge of closing the event. He has released three albums, the last one this year, which have made him one of the most important names in modern EBM. His second LP, Too Deep from 2019, released on the Fleisch label, was a hit in Goth clubs and created a solid fanbase. This year, instead, it has been Artiffact the label that has released Detachment his new work that he will present on this tour. Undoubtedly, it will be a glorious night.

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