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Dark Minimal Project – Remixes

by François Zappa

As we have commented several times, in El Garaje we really enjoy remixes and tribute albums, as it is always interesting to see how different artists give their vision of songs that, normally, we already know, and also put us on the track of some producer or artist unknown to us. On this occasion, we find an album in which ten producers remix ten tracks from the second album of the synth pop band Dark Minimal Project. Remixes is available on CD, digital and vinyl (although this version has only eight tracks).

Let’s start talking about the band that has seen their tracks remixed: Dark Minimal Project is a duo formed by Guillaume VDR and Ange Vesper that debuted a couple of years ago with the album Cold Black Room. Last year they released a very good album entitled Ghost of Modern Times which they are currently presenting around Europe. As for the album to review, the producers involved are mostly faithful to the originals, although they all bring the tracks closer to their musical styles and give them a more danceable/clubby touch.

“Black Light” sounds a little more solemn in the hands of the electro artist People Theatre, more synthwave and little less synthpop. Krieg-B, the duo where we find Benoît Buyse from Dreadfool, does just the opposite with their “Boy-Girl” in a remix that is harder, more powerful and accelerated than the original. Undoubtedly one of the attractions of the album is to listen to the remix of “Perversion” made by Patrick Codenys of Front 242. Patrick does not take the easy way and presents a darker and more distressing remix than the original. It’s not because of who he is, but his is one of the best reinterpretations on the album. The track also appears remixed by Frenchman Fatherless Child (known for his Depeche Mode remixes and collaborations with Dageist). Here he presents a completely different remix from what Patrick did, keeping a bit of the original’s disturbing vibe, taking great care of details and giving it a final dreamy touch. “Ordinary Man” also appears on a couple of occasions, the first by US futurepop project Ruined Conflict that give a different electronic touch to the track, and it sounds great. The experienced Ethan Wood gives the song a more disco sound, creating a good dancefloor banger. Dominatrix, a producer specialized in remixes, throws in a few details and makes “Infected By Love” a little more danceable while maintaining the sensuality of the original. France’s X Mouth Syndrome takes “Someone New”, one of the best compositions on the album and gives it his own danceable sound. The album continues with Dark State, the new project of Per-Anders Kurenbach with Scott Mick from Symphonic Noise Cult with a more danceable and disco version of “Dancing Souls”, more in line with the name of the song. And the album comes to an end with “Catharsis…”: the original was a long song of more than eight minutes. Peter Rainman removes the intro and goes to the point, accentuating its danceable side and the beauty of the melody.

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