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EP – Unsaid: Live at the Music Box

by François Zappa

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As we announced last week, we want to continue writing about the musical saga that started with the Belgian band Amazing Games. In 1995, Dominique Nuydt (bass) and Genevieve Serwy (voice) formed, together with Pierre K. and Ol Decrol, the new wave/post-punk/goth band Unsaid. After some line-ups changes, Charles de Reus started playing guitar. Only two studio sessions were recorded by the band: “No More” appeared in the compilation Rien à Taper and was also recorded at the RTBF studios for a scene of the movie Mon père des jours pairs. These two versions, together with two more tracks(“The Prince of the Desert” and “Revenge”) can be heard in the compilation Oldies and Demos published in March. Sadly, the band stopped playing at the end of the last century.

But, luckily, 20 years later, Unsaid has come back with a first reunion concert that took place in January 2019. The band is formed now by Christian Deleu (drums), Steed (guitar), Charles de Reus (synths), Genevieve Serwy and Dominique Nuydt. For the people who could not assist to the concert, they have released a live recording that you can listen and buy paying as much as you want here. In Live at the Music Box (English translation of the venue of the concert Boite à Zic), we can listen to five songs of the band: it starts with “Golden Cage” a post-punk track where we can already appreciate that the sound is darker than in the Demos. “Always the Moon” is really dreamy and can remind us of some of the bands from 4AD or even the most lyrical works The Breath of Life. The EP continues with the melancholic “Question of Time”, the mysterious “Halloween” and finishes with “Tragic Faith”, a disturbing but catchy track. The songs of Unsaid have a kind of timeless vibe, a touch that would be interesting for every lover of dark sounds.

Both compilations have been released during these days of lockdown, as well as the single of Factheory, another chapter in this interesting story that we will continue next week.

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