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REMIX – Scenius: Make it Shiny

por François Zappa

Scenius, one of our favorite bands, has released two new remixes of one of their singles, the first one done by Klammer and the second one by English darkwave/synth-pop project Nature of Wires. In case someone still doesn’t know it, Scenius is the duo of English producer Steve Whitfield (The Cure, The Mission, Yann Tiersen…) and French singer Fab Nau, and their first album was one of the best LP of 2o2o according to the people that write here. 

The first remix of “Make it Shiny” has been done by Klammer, a band in which Steve is a member. The English act has taken the original to their territory making it more post-punk. Instead, Nature of Wires has made it more danceable, but keeping the darkness. After listening to these two remixes, we can say only one thing: we want more! 

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