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Withering of Light – Reliquary

by Rémi

Founded by Tod Janeczeck in 2012, Withering of Light brings us a new album, the fourth reference of his career. Released on May 27, 2021, Reliquary is available in digital and vinyl format.

Reliquary does not have any melodies, rhythms or harmony, but a deeply spiritual music that invites the listener to take a journey to the heart of the human psyche through dark soundscapes. Welcome to the diffuse mists of dark ambient music where, like clay in the hands of a potter, Tod Janeczeck models drones and pads to build his universe. This sound sobriety, these long and moving sounds invites us to introspection and meditation, like the mist. The notion of time gradually fades away.

The concept behind the textures of Reliquary is unusual. As its creator explains, “Humans fetishize objects, moments, memories. Even your mind can become a reliquary harboring the sacred, profane and otherwise. These objects, whether tangible or intangible, translate into words chosen by Tod Janeczeck. “Apocryphal,” “Fane,” “Hive,” “Reliquary,” “Spectral Resonance” and “White Chrism.” Words that became the titles of the album. Words that echoed in the composer’s soul because of their “spectral resonance.” A resonance reflected in the sounds used to create the 6 tracks of Reliquary, sounds that “are the aural embodiment,” that inspired the composer.

We can only praise the artistic approach of Tod Janeczeck which proves that music has its ways. However, despite an interesting concept, the 6 soundscapes of the album lack of diversity. If fade in and fade out delimit the tracks, the whole is a bit monotonous after a few minutes of listening. But this is only my impression and since this is an auditory and spiritual journey through soundscapes, everyone will form their own opinion.

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