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EbE404 – Alchymicus

by Violeta

Behind the numerical name of EbE404 we find a post-industrial and dark ambient producer who is releasing his fourth reference this July 21st. “Alchymicus” is one of the most interesting compositions you can find on Dark Ice Days, an interesting eight-track work released by GIVE/TAKE. EbE404 debuted in 2020 with Tedium and Loss, a surprising treatise of ambient electronica with beautiful pieces like “Death Cult in the Rose Garden”. Two years later came Inrush and Ripple, the former a continuation of the producer’s musical research, while the latter featured four remixes and a live track. His references are some of the most interesting musical projects of the last century: Coil, Nurse With Wounds and Lustmord, explorers of a myriad of electronic roads along which EbE404 is marking his path.

“Alchymicus”, the track we are premiering today, maintains the industrial vibe, but changes the ambient landscapes for the forcefulness of the most powerful techno. “Alchymicus” is full of details that will make you never get tired of playing it and you will discover something new each time you listen to it. According to the author, the intention was to create a narrative of contrasts and dynamics. In my humble opinion, he has more than succeeded.

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