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Wisborg – Into The Void

by Rémi

After their first two albums The Tragedy of Gone (2018) and From The Cradle To The Coffin (2019), the German Goth rock band Wisborg comes back with Into The Void, their latest release. Released on March 19, 2021, the album is available in compact disc, vinyl and digital formats.

Rather experimental in its whole, Into The Void possesses beautiful qualities which make it the most interesting of the albums of Wisborg. Varied in its sonorities, its atmospheres and its energies, it draws the listener from the first seconds through a dark and poetic musical universe. The refined mix perfectly highlights the lyrical vocals as well as the incisive drums, the gritty synthesizers, the bass and the buzzing guitars. An explosive mix with full and reverberated harmonies that will certainly delight the fans of New Order or of The Sisters of Mercy.

Among the nine tracks that make up this album, we particularly liked the beautiful undulating melodies of “Perfume & Cigarettes,” underlined with efficiency by guitars whose role oscillates between rhythmic and counterpoint. Very organic, “L’Amour Fait Mal” is a treat with its synthesizers parts which mark the seal of the title and the languorous voice of Dani Divine. “Vampyre” intrigues with its central rupture at about 02:24 that breaks the hectic pace of the track. Finally, “Oblivion” offers a darker finale that exacerbates the power of the album by taking the time to develop with its 9 minutes of music.

Well-written songs, a poetic universe and beautiful musical themes. Three good reasons to listen to Into The Void and to (re) discover the talented Germans of Wisborg.

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