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Vexillary – Full Frontal Lunacy

by François Zappa

After a series of EPs that we have been reviewing here at the Garaje, darkwave project Vexillary has released his awaited first full album. In Full Frontal Lunacy, we can find eight tracks, a couple of them already known as they were released as singles and six completely new. If you want to know a bit more about this New York-based artist, you can read the interview we had with him a few months ago.

Full Frontal Lunacy starts with one of the best tracks ever composed by Vexillary and also the first single of the album. “Scent of Torture” with the voice of WARTERAUM is an irresistible darkwave banger, perfect for the dance floor. We have noted down the name of the singer as we have really enjoyed her sensual way of singing.

We have the Scorched remix of “Burn Leather” as the second track and as I already say I prefer this version to the original. Dark and hypnotic, it was the second single of the album. The title song is a fast, frenetic track, where we can notice the influence of bigger BPMs styles and the consumption of large amounts of coffee by the artist. It’s a perfect track to listen to in the first hour of the day, to feel fully awakened. Inside the story that Vexillary is telling us, it must belong to the part of maximum craziness. This takes us to “Sanity Fades” a catchy track that continues this loss of reason. “The Descent,” we have La Strange singing together with Vexillary in a more industrial track where the metallic sounds make a contract with the beautiful voice of the Italian singe. Another of the best tracks of the album. “Maniac” is one of the instrumental songs, quite fast and it would fit perfectly in the soundtrack of a terror movie, like the 80s slasher that shares its name with the song.

Another of the best moment of the album is “Absynthe Mind”, quite a cinematic track (a characteristic shared by most of Vexillary’s compositions) with a quite complex rhythm. The album comes to an end with “Exit The Void” where the artist lows the BPMs and helps us relax from the nightmare we have witnessed. Has the protagonist found peace or maybe it would be better to say eternal peace?

With this new work Vexillary has proved to be a name to take into account. Let’s see what this talented offers us in the future.

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