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SINGLE – Julian Shah-Tayler: Earthquakes

by François Zappa

Although we try, it’s quite difficult to catch up with all the material musicians we like are releasing these days. And also, some of them, like Julian Shah-Tayler are really prolific, which makes it even more difficult. So now we are going to write a few lines about his February single, already thinking that before I manage to post this article, he will have released a new track.

“Earthquakes” is the new song by Julian, a name already familiar for the readers of this webzine, so we are going to skip the biography part this time. This new single, in my opinion, is one of Julian’s best songs to date with an interesting equilibrium between melancholy and happiness. More or less, the way you feel when you meet the love of your life, resumed here in less than five minutes. Like in other of his songs, David Bowie’s shadow is quite long, but honestly, after so many releases I found it as part of his musical personality. So far one of the best tracks of the year.

As I commented before, Julian is quite prolific and last month he released another track, entitled Bet Your Life (the precipice) that starts with some beautiful acoustic guitars and continues with some psychedelic vibes. 

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