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SINGLE – ii: The Rings of Saturn

by François Zappa

The last band that has caught our eye is from ii (pronounced “Two Eyes”), a”ghost wave” three-piece band from Nancy, France that released The Rings of Saturn in March 2010, their first single and premier of the album that is going to be released next year. The band has made the most of these months of lockdown to record a couple of songs more: “Crows” that sounds a bit like Chelsea Wolfe going industrial and the intense “Summer In The Wait”. They have also proved to have a very good taste choosing what to remix: first with “Erde” by our dear Chelsea Wolfe, and also with “Strange Days” by the HEALTH and Daughters’ “Daughter”. All their original songs can be heard and bought in their Bandcamp and the remixes can be found on YouTube.

One of the things that have made the past months more bearable, have been all those concerts that musicians have made at home, and ii have been also part of this initiative with a live that you can see here.

But let’s talk about the single: “The Rings of Saturn” is a epic dark pop song loaded with a strong industrial influence, perfect to sing along and with a very powerful ending. A perfect tune to recharge your batteries before going out. 

We also would like to bring you a video of a concert that was recorded in March 2020 so you can check how powerful the band sounds and how beautiful life was before Covid-19.

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