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Rohn + Lederman – Venus Chariot

by François Zappa

After a few instrumental albums, Jean-Marc Lederman has joined forces with Emileigh Rohn, better known as Chiasm, to create Venus Chariot. We’ve been talking a lot about Jean-Marc Lederman lately and we have even interviewed him this year. Chiasm should be a familiar name for our readers too, as we reviewed her collaboration with John Fryer, Missed The Noise, released this year. Both musicians had also worked together in one of the songs of the great Letters to God (and Fallen Angels), an album that was published last year by the ex-The Weather Men.

Venus Chariot contains 14 original songs and a cover of Post Malone’s (I never thought I would write this name here) “Sunflowers.” The album has been preceded by a single, Watch Out! where we can also find some remixes by Leæther Strip, Assemblage 23 and Mark Hockings from Mesh.

Talking about the album, here are my highlights: Emileigh’s interpretation and the original production of “The World Already Heard.” A catchy synth-pop track with a great chorus that works perfectly as entrance to the album. “Destruction and More” is simply a perfect hit. The delicacy of “I Can’t Watch You Give Up” and “All The Little Things Left For Dead Go Unsaid,” the nocturne “Spinning Down,” “Up in Frames”: another possible hit where the ethereal and danceable parts of the album converge. From the second part of the album, I have really enjoyed the sensual “Open Up The Floodgates” and the melody of “Watch Out!” And although “When You’re In Love, The Music Doesn’t Sound The Same” can remind you one famous Coldplay’s hit, is better than anything that Chris Martin’s band has ever recorded.

Venus Chariot is a great electronic pop album, sometimes more dream pop, sometimes more danceable, with some industrial touches, a really good and sensual interpretation of Emileigh and, most important, a bunch of amazing compositions. Let’s finish adding that the duo has released this month a new EP with remixes of “Up In Flames,” all of them made by female artists: grabyourface, Sapphira Vee, Junksista and Emileigh. Also, for completists, the EP comes with a previous unleashed track: “I’m Lost.”

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