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RIOTLEGION – Machine Liberation

by Rémi

Active since 2008 on the American industrial scene, RIOTLEGION released on June 23rd, 2020, its second album, Machine Liberation, published by Blind Mice Productions. Originally from Seattle, the group has forged an abrasive sound through various releases such as its first album, Legion of Chaos, several EP, remixes and its audiovisual performances. Machine liberation will ravish Hocico, Combichrist and 3teeth fans.

Behind the project, there is a man called Michael Coultas whose inspirations, drawn from the political and social landscape of the United States, nurture Machine Liberation tracks. As a result, the album strikes with its consistency tainted with deep rage. In the album, we can find textures with acid and granular sounds, powerful riffs built on intervals of restricted notes, saturated voices and intense rhythms.

Each title has its share of surprises that differentiate them from each other. Indeed, if the album presents some essential tracks such as “Liberation” or “Jacked In”, we can also be caught by the incredible power of the rhythm of “Out of My Head” or by the contrasts between the different sound textures of “Affirmation” which create a captivating electric blur.

The meticulous work done on the sound atmosphere of Machine Liberation and the power that emanates from it, reinforcing the dystopian themes of the songs, are the strong points of this album. This last one marks a good evolution between the first works of RIOTLEGION by more diversified tracks and a more meticulous mixing. RIOTLEGION is therefore a band to discover and follow.

Translation: Joanne Gagnon

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