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SINGLE – Biomechanimal: Enter the Animal

by François Zappa

English industrial act Biomechanimal has released, just a couple of months ago, a new single entitled Enter The Animal that, together with the main song, includes a couple of remixes by Sirus and C-Lekkor. Biomechanimal, Matt Simpson’s project, released their first work in 2013, an EP entitled Renegade 2.0. that was followed during the same year by a remixes album. In 2015, the band published an homonym LP that was their last release until this busy 2020 in which Biomechanimal has released two more singles. The first of them, entitled Waves, has seen the light of day in February, that was followed by Haksal in May.

“Enter the Animal,” a new work after five years of touring is according to the band “their party song” and one of the most successful live. In you like aggressive voices and danceable beats, you will enjoy this adrenaline track. Both remixes give extra value to this already interesting release. 

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