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RECORD – Dead Agent : Fight Like a Robot V2

by Violeta

Dead Agent, an electro-industrial project from Indiana, released Fight Like A Robot V2 on June 5th, a compilation containing tracks from the 2016 release with (almost) the same name, Fight Like A Robot, reinterpreted, remastered and imagined in a different way. Never has an album been so greatly named. If you want to know why, listen to it and read the rest of this article.

As the artist says on his Bandcamp, the first version of the album contained certain flaws, especially in terms of the mix and the choice of instrumentation. And with the pandemic that has crept into our lives, nothing better than to start rewriting. In total, Dead Agent treats us with 24 tracks: the original remastered tracks of Fight Like A Robot are also enriched with remixes from The Joy Thieves, STAHLSCHLAG, Decent News and Tapedrive.

The album travels between EBM, industrial, electro and acid, and offers us mostly direct and abrasive tunes. My favorite is undoubtedly “Faulted”, a hit where the phrase which serves as the title of the album is pronounced all along. Hypnotic lasers are added to powerful rhythms and acid synths that twist your brain. After its heavy intro, “Gnostikos”, another of my favourite tracks, reminds me of my beloved Prodigy, because of its cadences and sounds.

There is nothing much to add: it sounds heavy! If you like Prodigy, Front Line Assembly or Carpenter Brut, this album is for you. You can listen to it and buy it on Dead Agent’s Bandcamp.

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