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NAMESIS – Rave is dead

by François Zappa

Namesis is the project of Ivan Dryagilev where he shows his passion for EBM, New Beat and the darkest techno. This is his third work, after a digital EP from 2016 entitled Break it and a cassette published last year by Spanish label Soil. Now, it’s the prestigious label from Glasgow, Soma Recordings who publishes the new EP of the Russian musician entitled Rave is Dead. In this work he has collaborated with Corvad and Sunko. Rave is Dead is available in digital format and we hope it will be released on vinyl too, as it could work really well in a Dead Violets Night session.

If Rave sound is dead, Namesis has only needed five tracks to resurrect it. “Blade Runner” is full of frightening synths and industrial percussions and will leave you a better memory than Denis Villeneuve’s movie. “Lies Around” has a hardest sound with potent distorted synths and percussions that sound like a hammersmith hitting his anvil. “Rave Is Dead,” the first track where we can hear briefly Sunko’s voice, really gives you the creeps. “Call Me Out” is for me the best composition of the EP: a potent production full of details with Sunko taking a prominent role. “Whispering in the Darkness” is another fast track with Eastern voices and a disturbing atmosphere. If something, Rave is dead (alive).

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