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Blind Delon – La Métamorphose

by François Zappa

When, a few years ago, we asked the unclassifiable French band Blind Delon about the diversity of styles they work with, they gave us an answer that seems perfect to introduce this review: “We are not setting ourselves a style of predilection. We are rather carried by the intention that we give to our music, between violence, space and black romanticism”. Now, with La Métamorphose just released on VEYL records, the band is moving in a new direction, approaching post-metal from their post punk roots. For the album they have added a new member to the band: Thom Mayor.

Blind Delon surprised us since their first album, entitled Discipline, which was released by our friends from Unknown Pleasures. The band had released their first EPs (Edouard and Maniaque) on another of our favorite labels: Oráculo. But it was in 2019 that we fell in love with them and since then we have followed their releases: the EP People Of God, the LP Chimeres, the split released by Soil with IV Horsemen and Nuit, another split, this time with Contre Soirée. That release appeared on VEYL, the label created between Milan and Berlin of which I confess to be a follower and which has recently released the new album by another of my favourites bands: Years of Denial.

As the band says in the interview we had with them: “We believe that music is meant to be a meeting place”. That explains why the album is full of collaboration: Curses, one of last year’s revelations with their Incarnadine, label boss Maenad Veyl, the fantastic The KVB, French duo Poison Point (who have recorded for aufnahme + wiedergabe, among others) and Fivequestionmarks.

All Blind Delon‘s releases have something in common, and this one is not going to be less: the ability to surprise you. Already the beginning of “Le Crépuscule” leaves you open-mouthed. Have Blind Delon become a metal band? The vocals sound deeper than usual and the heavy, sharp guitars have gained a lot of prominence. We soon discover that we can’t be guided by first impressions and “La Violence” has a more punk brashness, sounds more electronic and features Fivequestionmarks singing in Italian. The ending of the song is chaotic and wild, and maybe my favorite part of the album. Another change of vibe comes with “La Mort” where we find Curses: it’s a post punk/darkwave track with an intensity that can’t be beaten. In “L’Homme” we have Maenad Veyl and it’s a minimal and disturbing piece that at times even reminds me of early Tangerine Dream. In “L’Affront” we find a duo we like a lot, The KVB, who keep the experimental and dark atmosphere with another great, almost whispered track. More physical is “Le Sacarsme”, a powerful post-punk blast with a close-to-metal ending. “La Noyade” will surprise you with its pounding drums, aggressive vocals, furious guitars and the perfect electronic touch. The short “La Foule” already starts off scary and is the perfect introduction for “L’Envide”, the collaboration with Poison Point. This very passionate track, although it starts in a atmospheric wat, soon comes up with tremendous guitars. “La Métamorphose”, on the other hand, is an emotional finale that maintains the fierceness of the album.

La Métamorphose is a brave album that knows no stylistic boundaries. Blind Delon are still committed to constant change, and this time they are probably aiming at changing you too.

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