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Affet Robot – Huzursuz Seyirler

by Violeta


Artist: Affet Robot

Release: Huzursuz Seyirler

Genre: dark-synthpop

“The Turkish people are poets,” wrote Kenizé Mourad. “Poetry has always been in the spotlight at the Ottoman court and, over the centuries, some of the greatest sultans have devoted themselves to it, with talent.” I would add that this statement is also valid for music: the Ottoman people are certainly musicians. Today, as you certainly already understood, we are taking you back to Turkey. After interviewing aux animaux and She Past Away, it’s Affet Robot’s turn to be the subject of an article. This dark-synthpop project, whose name means “Forgive Robot,” was founded by Eren Güsan and released its first album, Röntgen, in 2017. Today, we will focus on their last EP, Huzursuz Seyirler, released on September 27, 2019.

There is no denying it, elegance is present in the four songs that make up the EP. Snare hits and guitar chords with a reverb effect introduce “Fırtına.” We are pleasantly surprised to find out that Eren sings in Turkish. The delicate sounds of the language combine perfectly with the music that plunges you into the dark side of the 80s. Like a storm, synth arpeggios take you into a frenzied waltz during the chorus. “Hala Rüya,” is sheer melancholy with a true dreamlike ballad, where sounds reminiscent of a music box envelop you in a feeling of softness. Back in a darker atmosphere with “Ihtimal”: the guitar arpeggios give an impression of lightness at the beginning, very quickly forgotten as soon as Eren starts to sing and that hammering synths with hyper-saturated sound make their entrance, immersing you in anguish. If “Ihtimal” is an excellent song, the edit offered by Affet Robot to conclude the EP is breathtaking, and its catchy rhythms will torment you until the end of the night.

Get ready: it will only take you one listening to fall head over heels in love with this gem. Now all we have to do is wait and see what Affet Robot has in store for our dark future.

Proofreading: Joanne Gagnon

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