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EPs – Permafrost, Sulfúrico, Xerox Biopunk, Vazum

by François Zappa

This is the last of our series of EPs with works released during 2021. Today, we bring you some really interesting material of four artists that have caught our attention.

The eponymous EP of post-punk band Permafrost is finally available digitally. Released only on vinyl, this new edition comes with a new remix of the track  “Sugarcubes.” Permafrost is a Norwegian act that started in 1982, taking their name for the classic song Secondhand Daylight by Magazine. The band released a very limited cassette in 83, although it wasn’t until 2019 that they published their second EP, this time on their own label Fear of Music. Talking about the content of the EP, “Sugarcubes” is a very catchy post-punk track that appears here also in a different mix. The intensity of “Kingdom” makes me think on some darker Tinderstick, especially thanks to the voice. It’s another great song. With “Lifetime Commitment” the band manages to capture the vibe of the classics of the 80s. Last week, the band released a new single, and we will tell you about it as soon as possible.

It has taken us some time but finally we are presenting this album: Ibiza-resident producer David Beltrán, known as Sulfúrico has released a five-track EP homage to the film The Crow. The Crow, the EP, depicts five scenes of the movie in synthwave style with influences of bands we like so much such as Carpenter Brut and Perturbator. For someone that was in his twenties during the 90s, this looks like a great idea but also the performance is great. Our favourites: “Painted Kill” and “Crime City Night” but all the EP is worth it a listen. 

After an hiatus of almost two years, the darksynth/cyberpunk project Xerox Biopunk is back with an EP that works as a soundtrack for an imaginary anime. Behind the project, we can find Oscar Javierre Payà, better known for his previous EBM band SPLATTERPUNK. This is his third work under this moniker, after “Laser Thunder” and “Inception”, without counting his contribution to the compilation Dream Electric 2.  “Hydra” and “Neo-Yakuza 99” are the best tracks of this very recommendable EP.

And last but not least, Detroit Deathgaze duo Vazum recorded last year the album V+ and the electronic, Halloween-based Unrated V. As we did not have enough time to review it, at least we wanted to write a few lines about this double single, where we can find two different versions of the track “Gallows.” The duo, which started in 2017, brings us a dreamy and ethereal version and a more danceable one. We will try to write more extensively about them in the future.  

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