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VIDEO/SINGLE – Julian Shah-Tayler: Fisk

by François Zappa

Last 18th of December, Julian Shah-Tayler released a new single entitled Fisk, that comes with a quite psychedelic video. In our best of the year post, we said that we wanted to pay more attention this year to his music, so this new song is the perfect excuse to do it. The musician, born in Leeds, but raised in Wales and York, was part of the electroclash band Whitey before moving to California. There, he started a David Bowie’s tribute band called The Band That Fell To Earth and also released some music as The Singularity. Julian had to leave this moniker and start publishing music with his own name, as another band was also using it, but first he released albums like Emptiness Inside and 404 Not Found. Also, as we commented in our previous post about the artist, he has done some soundtracks, the most notorious the one done for Plush. And last year, Julian released a few singles (Secret, Evolution, Devil Knows) and the EP The Torment Suite, that was already reviewed here a few months ago.

But let’s go back to the new track: although the Bowie’s influence is always there, we can find a very personal touch and a lot of interesting details in the song: a quite elegant string arrangement, the beautiful sound of the keyboards that appear only in the first chorus or that epic ending. A great sample of the talent of Julian Shah-Tayler recommended both as introduction to his music and also as new chapter in his musical saga.

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