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Tyler Cantrell – Color Into Space

by Rémi

Guitarist and member of metal of the metal band Haxon since 2016, Tyler Cantrell has just released his second EP, Color Into Space, a sonic melody that oscillates between progressive rock and ambient. Published by Machine Man Records, it is available since February 26, 2021 in digital format.

Everything is in the title of the EP. Color Into Space. These “colors,” which appear and dilute, mix to create original shades, are the backbone of this EP, its strong point. Here, there is no bass, drums or vocals to join the sound of the guitar. Tyler Cantrell is alone with this last one, manipulating sound effects, loops and synthesizer atmospheres. From this marriage of sounds, five different short musical pieces are born. In “Reality Bender,” a vocal loop, punctuated by the prosody of the English language, surrounds a shifting texture and a guitar solo. “Aphelion” is more stratospheric and somewhat grating with its bells. “Eko” has a drier sound that plays heavily on panning effects. “Coloring Into Space” develops around a short melodic line, water drop-like notes. “Deflate” is based on a rock guitar riff and takes some elements from “Reality Bender.”

Color Into Space plunges the listener into a kind of introspection. His experimentations bring out interesting colors that will speak to some people and much less to others. Tyler Cantrell holds there a particular musical aesthetic, a singularity that we encourage you to discover.

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