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Track – Philippe Laurent: Improvisation 05

by François Zappa

Philippe Laurent, French electronic music pioneer that has been featured in this web a few times, has recorded the fifth part of his series of improvisation. For this occasion, he has worked with a guitar and effects (Hagstrom Ultra Swede guitar, SE-50 Boss, A3 Korg, SX-700 Boss, G1 XFour Zoom, Element XP Digitech, Digi­tech FreqOut, DD 500 Boss x 2, Joyo JGE-01). This piece has been inspired by Maurice G. Dantec’s novel Grand Jonction

This is the second-shortest track of the Improvisations series (the first one, if you remember, were quite long) with just thirteen minutes and the style is quite different from what Philippe Laurent delivered till now. The track starts with a raw rock guitar and continues changing during the full thirteen minutes, showing a true mastery of the variety of guitar effects used. In the middle of the song, we have a dreamy part that can be connected with previous works and the track finishes in a very hypnotic way.

We also want to tell you that Philippe Laurent has collaborated too in Made with Love, Peter Zinovieff Tributes, a tribute compilation to the British engineer and musician whose company created the VCS3, a synthesizer used by some krautrock and progressive rock bands. His collaboration and 19 more can be found here.

Philippe pays tribute both to the man and the machine as he has used the VCS3 together with a guitar and an old Drumbox. In “Trapezoid” we can find a more electronic-oriented track that starts with very classic sounds and, as in the latest works by Philippe Laurent, features an incredible guitar work. Highly recommended.

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