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Stumpff – Alles Idioten

by Rémi

Almost thirty years after the stop of his musical career, Tommi Stumpff is back with his new EP, Alles Idioten. Originally a singer in the punk band Der KFC in the late 70s and then known for his successful solo career in the 80s on the EBM scene with some cult songs and albums like Terror II and Ultra, Stumpff’s new release is at the crossroads of all his aesthetics. Available since spring 2021, Alles Idioten is available in vinyl, compact disc and digital formats. Also note that the artist has re-released his best albums, Ultra (2019), Zu spät Ihr Scheisser (2017) and Terror II (2017).

The least we can say is that Alles Idioten kicks ass. I turned on my sound system, the bass was pushed to the max and the walls of the apartment began to vibrate. It was good. The six tracks on the EP rival each other in rock riffs and energy. While these riffs aren’t really a revolution, they are still deliciously effective. Add to this a frenzied electronic drumming, a voice sometimes raucous or melodic as well as the synthesizers and a very organic bass and you get the tastiest cocktail of electro, punk and EBM. I particularly appreciated “Geh Sterben” for its speed and “Gnade dir Gott” for its blues side with its shuffle.

Alles Idioten evokes at times bands like Front Line Assembly, Alec Empire and CHMCL STR8JCKT (the latter especially for the vocals). Stumpff’s latest release is sure to delight the ears of those who like these bands. For the others, it’s an excellent opportunity to dive into the heart of an explosive musical universe.

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