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Sinner’s Day Festival

by François Zappa

Although we are sad because the 2020 edition of W-Fest has been cancelled, at least we will have the chance of seeing most of the bands in the new festival organised by the team of the Belgian festival: Sinner’s Day. From the 30th of October to the 1st of November, in the Belgian city of Sint-Truiden, not far from Brussels, we will be able to see the awaited one-time reunion of The Neon Judgement, the new tour of Front 242 (that we will try to see at least in a couple of occasions), Fields of the Nephilim, the return of Visage, Suicide Commando, Praga Khan and Test Dept. Together with all these artists that were already going to play at the W-Fest, some new names have been added: London After Midnight, The Chameleons and Boy Harsher.

If you are still not convinced, the main stage will also host the concerts of Leather Strip, Trisomie 21 with their anniversary tour, A Split-Second, Light Asylum, And Also the Trees, Haujobb, Minuit Machine, Diary of Dreams, Dr and the Medics, BFG, The KVB, Conjure One, Jab WobbleACTORS and Glen Matlock. All these bands, playing one after the other for three days, at the Hangar 66 and there is still one big name to be announced! Tickets can be bought here.

In addition to the main stage, there will be another one, on Saturday and Sunday, with Belgian acts only, where we will be able to see the punk/oi band Funeral Dress, The Arch, Ground Nero, our friends of A Slice of Life and electronic music pioneer Enzo Kreft. The line-up is completed by Your Life on Hold, Astrasonic, The Mars Model, De Delvers, Frozen Nation, Solitude Within and Deadhighwire. If you are not familiar with any of the artists, don’t worry: we will be talking about/with them during the next weeks.

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