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SINGLES – Vlimmer – Badeye vs Nature of Wires – Ren Toner – Seven Federations

by François Zappa

One more time, we have a lot of singles that we want to review and this format, so far, has proven to be the best to do it. Today we bring you four singles of four artists, three of them quite familiar to our readers and the fourth one, already appeared in our online magazine with his band. As always, diversity and quality. 

Vlimmer released 18 eps during the past five years, although we only managed to review the last one. Now, here is their new release, two-tracks single Fensteraus b/w Kron, available in digital format. Both songs are quite far from the classic sound of the project, way more aggressive and experimental. If the A-Side surprises you, be ready for Kron, a song where everything can happen. Absolutely recommended. And let’s finish this small review with some good news: Vlimmer’s first full album will be released in around one month and a half.

Another artist that most certainly lives in his studio is Nature of Wires, who has released his 100th remix. Result of the collaboration generator of the program BBC Introducing in Hereford & Worcester, Nature of Wires has worked with Badeye remixing this “Hold Me Now.” A great synth-pop track with a 80s feel that should please Erasure and Yazzoo fans.

As we already told you, English darkwave/synthpop project Nature of Wires started making music around 1986 and lasted until 1994, releasing one full album during this perioda.

Although the cover can kind of mislead you, “This Love Is a Weakness” is a great track of dark electronica. Ren Toner, coming from the French city of Lyon is part of the Darkwave/industrial rock band Divine Shade. In his solo project, he brings a track of Darkwave with strong techno influence. Edgy synths, the vocal collaboration of Shan Moue and some industrial sounds are the ingredients of this powerful work.

After the Holy Orders EP, released at the end of 2020, Seven Federations are back with The Last Profesional, their new single. The new song can be easily described using some of its lyrics: honesty and violence, basically what we can find in this industrial metal track that will please every Ministry fan. Seven Federations is Todd C. Ruzicka’s “American Gnostic Industrial” project that debuted in 2019 with The Arrival, an album that we reviewed back in the day. During 2020, he released some singles and finally, at the end of the year, the before-mentioned Holy Orders was published.

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