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SINGLE – Wladyslaw Trejo: Tu intimidad

by François Zappa

We have just received Wladyslaw Trejo’s new single, second preview of his new Es una Bestia, that will be distributed by the prestigious label from London Polytechnic Youth, and that is planned to be released during the second half of 2020. Trejo, who defines his music as synth punk, has been part of the Spanish underground scene: he was a member of Las Tocayas (Díselo a tu tía, 2012), and currently he is one half of the avant-wave duo Slovenska Televiza (together with Lunademayo). His first single on his own, published in 2015, was titled La deriva continental. It was followed on the same year by the full album Wladyslaw. One year later, he published the single Dos agujas (2016) and last year the split Movida/Red Ochre shared with Alexandre Bazin. All this material can be heard on Bandcamp.

“Tu Intimidad” is a short track of less than two minutes, with an industrial rhythm, a voice that takes us to the darkest part of the eighties and explicit lyrics: a fast song about fast love, according to the writer. A good appetizer to make the wait for the EP shorter.

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