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SINGLE – Varsovie: Magnitizdat

by François Zappa

Varsovie is a post-punk band from Grenoble created by Arnault Destal and Grégory Cathérina. They have just released a new single entitled Magnitizdat with new tracks, taken from their coming album. “Magnitizdat,” the song, is one of the most abrasive post-punk songs we have listened to lately, and that is saying a lot as 2020 was full of good albums of that genre. Instead, in “Kissa Kouprime”, they keep the intensity but being less harsh, in a track inspired by the actress and model from the 20’s and 30’s Ksenia Alexandrovna Kuprina. We wrote a few lines about the video of the song a few weeks ago.

Varsovie debuted with an EP in 2006 and their first LP, entitled État Civil was released four years later. Since then, they have published two more albums and the next one, L’Ombre et la Nuit will be released in April, 2021. 

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