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SINGLE – Painted Romans: Memento Mori

by François Zappa

Norwegian band Painted Romans continues surprising us with their new single, Memento Mori, released last 14th of May in digital format. They follow the path started in their previous track, The Cold Delight, making their sound darker and rougher, but without losing their ability for beautiful melodies. Mats’ voice sounds deeper than in their previous EP and the guitars are also sharper, although after the first chorus there is a part with an 80s vibe. Without any doubt, it’s another song that will continually be present in our stereos this summer. Also they have recorded a video for the track that you can find at the end of the news.

Together with “Memento Mori,” we can find a track from the live-streaming that Painted Romans recorded for Barcelona Alternative Nights entitled “There Must Be A Way.” It’s a song that was already released in video last year, and it comes from the old days of Wallpaper Silhouettes. We would like to remind you that their previous EP, Heart was part of our Best of 2020 list and that on Painted Romans’ Bandcamp you can find more interesting material from the band and Mats previous project, Wallpaper Silhouettes. 

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