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SINGLE – Nature Of Wires: It’s a Tragedy

by François Zappa

Nature of Wires has released a new collaboration with Lady bNOW, entitled It’s a Tragedy. It’s not the first time that both musicians work together as they have recorded a few singles in the past. “It’s a Tragedy” is a great synthpop tune with dramatic keyboards, heartfelt interpretation and a danceable touch. And also, very catchy. As we already wrote in the last, English darkwave/synthpop project Nature of Wires started making music around 1986 and lasted until 1994, releasing one full album during this period. Instead Lady bNOW or Sarah B is an English singer that has worked mainly in the House Music field, although she has been involved in “dark” music as we can see with these collaborations with Nature of Wires.

Last but not least, let’s comment that a new remix of “Through Someone Else’s Eyes” by Claus Larsen from Lther Strip has been released. The Danish musician manages to take the track into his territory thanks to some powerful rhythms. 

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