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SINGLE – Maud the Moth: Siphonophores

by François Zappa

Although the single was released a few months ago, we would like to write a few lines about Maud the Moth, the neoclassical/dark folk project of Amaya López-Carromero, who has already released three albums. Amaya, who is from Madrid, started using this moniker in 2010 and on the following year, she released her first album Home Futile Home, The Inner Wastelands in 2015 and the EP Live at the Reid Hall in 2017. Last year, she released the critically acclaimed Orphnē that, sadly, we did not listen to until last week.

Although we tried in the first sentence to describe her style with just two labels, Maud the Moth’s musical universe is quite huge, so we really ask you to have a look at her Bandcamp and just judge by yourself. As a reference, her music will please fans of Dead Can Dance, Chelsea Wolfe, Jarboe and followers of our dear Anna von Hausswolff and Lingua Ignota.

Amaya is currently living in Edinburg, but this song has been recorded in Germany, where she was working in another project. The track has been recorded live in a corridor that Amaya found that had an incredible reverb and is simply mind-blowing.

And last but no least, Maud the Moth is going to appear in the fundraising compilation 11 Years of Chaos with a Cocteau Twins’ cover.

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