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Kháos on Gaïa – The Cage

by Rémi

At the crossroads of dark folk and trip-hop genres, Kháos on Gaïa invites the listener to immerse themselves in a nuanced universe, between archaic and modern sounds. Formed in 2019, this atypical duo brings us The Cage, their first album. Released on May 17, 2021, it is available on CD and digital formats.

One of the peculiarities of Kháos on Gaïa is its instrumentation. Torhia accompanies her voice with a shamanic drum in the manner of men of ancient times and as it’s sometimes still the case in certain traditional societies that persist today, especially in Russia, where the shamanic culture is still alive. These two instruments, the voice and the drum, certainly the oldest in the world, are accompanied by the machines and the synthetic sounds of Jbaâl. More than a musical epic, it is a real journey through time and eras that we could see in The Cage where the sounds of ancient times, distant and fantasized, mingle with the artificial textures of modern times, where the conjunction of these sound worlds leads to a humanity that transcends itself.

The duo does not hide it, there are big names among the groups that have influenced their musical universe. Fever Ray for the electro tribal side and dark aesthetic of How To Destroy Angels, but also Björk and Tori Amos for the female vocals as well as the sensual riffs of Massive Attack. Also, the writing quality is excellent. Each song has its own micro-universe. Between the ecological significance of “Faun” and the prose of Edgar Allan Poe in “Annabel Lee,” a title that takes the time to develop or even the organic and swarming texture of “Shadow Work,” the listening pleasure is constantly renewed. Each title is a real ode to the beauty of female singing where the voice is accompanied with refinement and subtlety.

Through its eight titles whose palette of colors and emotions will not leave you indifferent, The Cage offers an unforgettable journey. A journey where you will let yourself be carried away by the voice of Torhia, a journey that will take you on the waves of the musical odyssey of Kháos on Gaïa.

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