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SINGLE – MAN1K1N: Into The Wounds

by François Zappa

The new two-track single, entitled Into The Wounds, by dark electronic duo MAN1K1N is very addictive, to say the least.Into the Void” is the new song of the band from Boston formed by Johnny Veil and Cristian Carver that comes with a new remix of their previous track “Now Your Wounds Are Getting Larger” done by Big Time Kill. MAN1K1N released their first single at the beginning of 2018 and since then they have been releasing tracks slowly but with quality.

After a couple of more industrial tracks, the band has approached more danceable territory with this new single, always with the darkness and intensity of their previous songs. “Wounds” reimagined by Big Time Kill follows the same path of “Into the Void” making this track perfect for the dance floor. The duo will be streaming a live concert in December, and we will tell you the date as soon as we know it.

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