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SINGLE- Factheory: Tranquille

by François Zappa

This week, we continue with another Belgian band linked to Amazing Games and Unsaid of whom we talked about these past two weeks. Factheory is a post-punk five-piece who published their debut EP Week​-​End au Black Studio in 2017, with songs sang both in English and French. One of these tracks, Never Alone has just been remixed and published last month as new single, together with the new song “La Nuit”. Their discography includes another EP with four songs, titled Stockholm, in which the track that names the album stands up, and the single we are going to review now. All this material can be heard and bought here and on Spotify.

The name Factheory is a reference to legendary label Factory Records, house of Joy Division, one of the influences of the band together with Noir Désir. Bertrand Cantat’s band can be a first reference as the band is singing in French and both share a big load of romanticism. The mentioned single brings us two intense songs recorded live at the beginning of 2020 at the Boite à Zic in Nivelles: “Tranquille” and “Easy Mary”. Although we liked both tracks, our favourite is the b-side: “Easy Mary” is a perfect sample of the “romantic melodic post-punk” that the Belgian band perfectly delivers.

In Factheory we find four members of Unsaid: Dominique Nuyd playing bass, Christian Deleu at the drums, Charles at the synths and Steedy at the guitar, together with Le Brute, singer and guitar player. We will talk again about some of them next week, because it will be the turn of reviewing the new Metaphysical Machinery’s album, last project (so far) of this fertile saga.

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