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SINGLE – Distance Dealer: Confront!

by François Zappa

Today we bring you Confront!, the new song from post-punk/synthwave duo Distance Dealer formed by Thiago Desant (Phantoms vs Fire) and Alexander Donat (Vlimmer). This is the new release of these two synths wizards after the double single Slasher b/w Hit By A Brick. This track is the second single from the forthcoming album Mind Dawns, that will be released on the 28th of May by Blackjack Illuminist Records in cassette, CD and digital editions.  

In Confront! we can find a very original synth sound that made us think of bagpipes, a passionate vocal interpretation and a marvelously epic and melancholic melody. Lyrics are, according to Alexander Donat about “the impression that there were people on social media with the sole mission to spread lies and fuel the flames of hate whenever issues like immigration, global warming, sexual orientation, gender, vegetarianism came up and they weren’t willing to participate in an honest discussion.” This is exactly what occurred last week with the humanitarian crisis that happened in Ceuta, which a certain part of society condemned with lies and threats. According to the new song by Distance Dealer, the solution is to confront those trolls who, unfortunately, are not limited to the Internet. From El Garaje, we definitely agree with this.

We would like to finish with a few lines about the other projects of the two musicians that are part of Distance Dealer. Vlimmer already appeared on El Garaje when they published their 18th EP, the last of a series that began in 2015. By the way, we recommend you to start digging this vast work. Phantoms vs Fire is the project of Brazilian Thiago Desant, who makes our blood freeze since 2018 with his terrifying albums. Last year’s album, Modern Monsters I & II, is a good introduction to the musician’s peculiar universe.

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