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SINGLE – Seven Federations: Chaosstar

by François Zappa

Seven Federations continue delivering killer industrial tracks. This time, for his new single, titled Chaosstar, Todd C. Ruzicka has worked with Jules Seifert (producer of Marc Heal, Pig, Der Prosector and Mortiis) with an explosive result. You can listen to it here.

The song starts with an electronic and industrial intro, but quickly powerful and saturated guitars join, together with some keyboards. During the first verse, the voice seems strangely sweet, but make no mistake: suddenly it changes and gets a lot of distortion, sounding like a demon, in a way of emphasising the content of the lyrics. Surprising, there is a very beautiful female voice that can be heard too, but you have to pay special attention not to miss it as it appears sporadically over the song. If And One would go industrial, I guess they would sound like this, as in this track Seven Federation shares a sense of rhythm and humour similar to ones that we can find in the songs of the famous German band. And also a great skill for finding great melodies.

With this new single, the third one from upcoming Slav, Seven Federations’s second album, we can get an idea of what we are going to find in the record. And so far, it looks really good.

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