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Rituale Lugdunum FEST I

by François Zappa

Today we want to talk about the first edition of the Rituale Lugdunum festival, which will take place between the 9th and the 10th of October in the French city of Lyon. The festival, which will have a pay as you want policy, will be divided into two different nights, the first one for more post-punk/coldwave sounds and the second focused on neofolk. It’s a perfect occasion to know a bit more about the dark music of our neighbors. 

The headliners of the first day are Varsovie, the French band that recorded one of our favorite albums of 2021. We will try to talk with them in the future, but until then, we will only tell you that they have recorded four albums and we would like to suggest you buy, for a starter, their last one, L’Ombre Et La Nuit. Their label mates Tisiphone have also released their last album on Icy Cold Records, the refreshing Koma Forte. In the line-up, we can also find Love In Prague, a coldwave duo that will be familiar to fans of the Unknown Pleasures label as they released their second album there. In 2018, it was the turn of their third work, entitled Two that is so far, the last record of the band created in 2007. Finally, De Marble, is a new band from Lyon that has released a homonymous EP where they show their mastery creating dark rock.

Instead, Saturday will be focused on neofolk and similar styles. The main act of that day is TAT Resurrectio, the “new life” of Antoine Aureche’s band TAT. They recorded a few albums between 2006 and 2010, the last one of them properly called Testament. Now, TAT Resurrectio are a resurrected band that includes Le Chiffre, Nevah and Ombra. The same Ombra is also Dolce Vita, a Folk Noir act where he plays violin that is going to release a new album soon. The rest of the line-up of that day includes neofolk three-piece Lisieux, (with two albums released) and In the Sight of Vultures, who will play their dark folk with a touch of Americana.

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