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REMIX ALBUM – Agent Side Grinder: REMA/X

by François Zappa

After the critically acclaimed A/X, Swedish electronic band Agent Side Grinder has released a remix album, entitled REMA/X, where we can find some artists that are frequent at the Garaje. Antipole ft. Paris Alexander and She Pleasures Herself are two of the acts that give their vision of the songs of ASG together with Ash Code, Tobias Bernstrup (whom we know thanks to the Other Voices Records album Sing My Body Electric), Kiss of the Whip (who collaborated in the last Chemical Waves’ work), Buzz Bull and Delphine Coma, among others. Also, an outtake is included: “The Archives” was recorded during the sessions of the album and it’s released exclusively here. 

Agent Side Grinder released A/X last year, being their fourth album in a career that started with an eponymous LO in 2008. REMA/X is their second remix album after SFTWR published in 2013. If you like the original tracks, you think that remixing is an art or you are just looking for new artists, this is a great album that is worth a listen. 

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