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REISSUE – Christian Death: Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ

by François Zappa

Season of Mist has announced the vinyl reissue of Christian Death’s classic Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ. The album, originally released in 1988, will be available on the 25th of September, after being out of print for a very long time. The famous deathrock band had a lot of problems, such as cancellation of gigs and bomb threats caused by the content of this album, especially because of the cover artwork where we can see what looks like Jesus Christ injecting heroin.

The album will be issued in the following colors: black (600 copies), dark green (ltd. 300 copies) and clear (ltd. 100 copies) and can be bought here if you live in the USA or here if you live in the rest of the world.

Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ was the third album after Rozz Williams left Christian Death, and Valor Kand took over leadership of the band. It’s also the last album with Gitane Demone as she left in 1989. It was the highest-selling album from the 1980s of the creators of Catastrophe Ballet and Only Theatre of Pain. Some of the songs of this album such as “This is Heresy” and “Wretched Mankind” have become classic of the band and they are still part of their live sets. Christian Death are currently working on a new album that will possibly be titled The Evil Becomes You.

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