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Sea Lungs – Parlour Tricks

by François Zappa

The fifth single from deathrockers Sea Lungs, entitled Parlour Tricks, has been recently released, so I guess we have already heard half of the album. We’ve reviewed every of the four previously released tracks by this formation from Melbourne band, so we’ll go straight to the new single, which as always you can listen to and buy at the band’s bandcamp.
Parlour Tricks criticizes, thanks to Andi Lennon’s flowery prose, the supposed masters of the occult, the fortune tellers and chatterboxes who take money from needy and suggestible people. We find references to Russian Helena Blavatsky, one of the founders of the Theosophical Society, accused of fraud, and to Ludovico’s technique, famous for The Clockwork Orange. As for the sound, the guitars sound harder, and even remind me of Iron Maiden‘s “Run To the Hills”, although the song still sounds like deathrock. Now let’s wait for the sixth single.

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